Heroes of Mericus

The Luck of the Rogue

Tuesday April 7th 5656 6:00am – 8:00am

The Heroes charged their way into the flooded room, Bael taking steady aim at the slinging Kobold above, while Zaila, Bricriu and Baern pushed their way in. Natsu stood behind waiting for his moment to strike with his deadly spells. The distance of the slingers proved to be troublesome however, as they laid blow after blow among the party. The outlook seemed grim as one Kobold fell from above, only to jump from a corner and land a devastating shot into Bricriu’s temple, dropping him to his knees. Luckily, Baern’s hammer was able to vanquish the slimy lizard, and the party was able to maneuver through the cavern, bloodied and bruised.

Making their way to the far end the adventurers found a stairway that moved into the main foyer from where they had originally arrived. Getting to know the dungeon as a second home, they once again moved the switch and broke down a wall, finding a new way into the chamber they just came from, this time from above. There a chest lay, inside a Magic Rod that Natsu quickly adopted as his own.

A last look into rooms once visited brought the heroes to another chest, inside gold and healing potions, necessary for the adventures ahead. After a short rest, they laid the crystal eye they had been trudging along into the giant Kobold skull. The heroes prepared themselves as Bricriu placed the eye, immediately a rumble occurred and the mouth of the great beast opened, dropping a ladder that lead to darkness above. Expecting the large wooden doors ahead of them to open, our puzzled party moved the key to this dungeon straight ahead and with a click and a swing, they opened revealing the acidic stench of the magical Kobold. Waiting for their foes, the ITC and Baern quickly destroyed the gaseous group and opened a chest to reveal a most helpful, but obviously worn and tattered Bag of Holding. With their new gear in tow, the group made their way one by one up the ladder, into the darkness.

One by one they came upon a large room with a boulder up and ahead, a door to their left and an opening to their right. Easily understanding the puzzle to this room, the party knew they needed to move the boulder onto the pressure plate below. Making their way around to the opening on the right, the group stalked upon a resting bunch of Kobold and surprised them with some quick attacks. Unfortunately for Bricriu still weary from the devasting attack not hours before, a few hits from some strong Kobold brought him to the floor. While the rest of the party mopped up the creatures, Baern revived the Tiefling and they went on their way, pushing the boulder to the floor below, springing open the door on the left.

Ready for more action, they made their way down a skinny hallway, ending in a hole that seemed to fall down forever. Trying to gauge it’s actual depth, Bael dropped a sun rod, only to see it extinguish before it hit the floor below. The ever cautious party seemed to be at a stand still, when their newly found Dwarf decided to tie a rope around his waist and have the others lower him in. Foot by foot they let him fall, only for him to seemingly become weightless, pulling back on the rope only caused it to snap. The party was left wondering where their partner was below. Taking now as a time for chances, one by one, with the reluctant Natsu being the last, the Interslice Transport Company jumped into the pit, only to find themselves falling like a feather, landing comfortably on their feet in an icy chamber. There they remet with Baern who quieted them as they heard the muffled chattering and moans of a woman hiding among them in the newly discovered den.

Ready to shine as the Rogue, Bricriu crept around a corner while the others distracted the woman. TO their surprise they found an icy Elven woman in tattered clothes, mumbling nonsense to her self only understood by Bael and Natsu. Once she spotted the party she demanded to know what they wanted, all the while clutching a crystal shard around her neck. She shouted at the party assuming they were there to steal her shard and quickly prepared for an attack, incoherently yelling at the party that they were making a grave mistake.

Summoning her powerful magic, the icy hag teleported to another spot in the room, unknowingly close to the hidden Bricriu. having the upper hand, Bricriu sneaked up to the hag and dealt her a devastating blow, knocking her unconscious almost immediately. Knowing the dangers she could possess, the party quickly pummeled her to a pulp, Bricriu taking her necklace in the process.

Curious as to it’s powers, and feeling the attraction the other crystal shard was having toward the newly found one, Natsu placed it around his neck, and instantly became one with the cold. He seemed to be enchanted by the necklace, and only came to when the others forced his attention. The party decided to separate the crystals, for the safety of them all.

Jumping back up the magic chute from which they came, the party made their way out of the Kobold cavern, noting along the way that the temperature was seeming to warm, and the walls around them were beginning to melt. Shielding their eyes as they stepped out into the morning light after their many day journey inside the mountain the ITC and Baern saw that the world around them was starting to melt. Odd for these mountains at anytime of year. With one last quick look around, Bael noticed that there were footprints, not a few hours old near the entrance of the cave, leading down from whence they came. With the Kobold cavern emptied, will the journey to Lakota be an easy one? What does the diminishing snow mean for this region, and what of the footprints leading back to the west?

The Expedition for the Eyes

Tuesday April 6th 5656 2:00pm – 4:00pm

Upon entering the Kobold Cavern, Bael heard a muffled voice coming from up ahead. At closer inspection, with his Elven eyesight, he saw a small Dwarf far below who seemed to have fallen down a large pit. After some cautious questioning, the party decided to free the Dwarf, who introduced himself as Baern. He told the heroes that he was adventuring with his own party in search for a magical stone that is said to be within this mountain cavern. When they arrived to the cave with him as a guide, they pushed him into this pit, leaving him for dead. Sympathetic to his story, and perhaps thinking they could use his help themselves, the heroes invited Baern to join them in their party, telling him that they are merely a traveling party known as the Interslice Transport Company who happened upon this cave on their way to find a route between Salish and Lakota. The newly found companion agreed to join, at least to check out this cave and to find the party members that betrayed him.

Quickly enough the party realized the room they entered was some sort of grand foyer. The large moveable stone in the center of the room seemed to unlock the doors it was pointed at, though there were only ten doors in the room, with twelve positions on the circular centerpiece. With ease, Natsu pushed the stone into the 9 0’clock position. A large click let the party know, that door was now open, while the doors they entered slammed shut. It seemed only one set of doors could be open at a time in this tricky place.

Carefully, the ITC entered the newly unlocked door, on the other side they were met with a gaping pit, with a few new doors of its own, along with some shoddy wooden bridges and a number of angry hissing Kobold. Not a group afraid of action, they party shuffled in, finding themselves on a narrow ledge. With their speed Zaila and Bricriu leaped to another ledge, Zaila almost falling into the blackness below. There they dispatched the Kobold as stone were slung and steel smashed brought on by the lizard-like men. The other heroes surveyed the room, and fired what arrows and energy they could, while more Kobold attempted to leap the rickety bridges from their left. Fortunately for the party, the Kobold are a clumsy people and those who attempted to reach the adventurers all fell to their deaths. After clearing the room, the ITC explored, both Zaila and Bael falling into the blackness below. Though hurt and dazed, the trips down were not worthless, as they were able to find some gold on the bodies of the fallen Kobold.

Meanwhile, up above Natsu was able to discover that the locks on these doors seemed to work only in one direction, as he exited the room they were in through a different door, into the large foyer. When Bael climbed up from the pit, he too discovered that some of the walls in this cold caver are false, and contain doors within them. Not risking trapping his comrades however, Natsu placed the stone clock into the 9 o’clock position again, allowing them to leave the chamber and renter through the 8 o’clock position, where they made their way across one of the rickety bridges, using a rope as a safety net for the less nimble among them.

Cautiously as always, the ITC opened the door to find stairs before them. Treading down they entered a room with many large statues in it, one in the center of the room holding a large yellow crystal. With wide eyes, Baern thought the stone must be the treasure he is looking for. Before he had a chance to nab it however, the party searched for traps, deciding there was more to this room. With a readying stance, Natsu and Baern attacked two of the smaller statues, who came to life upon the attack. Being made of ice and stone, these statues were no match for the fire power weiled by Natsu, and he was able to quickly vanquish them both. Using more of his fire, he attacked a third, smashing it to bits in two swift hits before the structure even tasted life. Gathering the pieces of rock in a sack, Bricriu quickly replace the stone held by the center statue with the sack in hopes it would not recognize the farce.

Pleased with their trickery the party walked out of the room, only to hear the rumblings of the last two statues angrily awakwening behind them. With more fire and steel swinging, the remaining statues were smashed, not without doing significant damage to the ITC. Beaten and unsure what to do with their large treasured gem, they made their way back to the main foyer.

With her skills of observation, Zaila noticed the large stone could fit into one of the empty eye slots in the large Kobold skull located above them. Moving the stone centerpiece to face the ladder, the adventurers climb above, sliding the gem into place. Life a glove it fit, leaving the party to presume they would have to find another gem within these icy walls. Their journey not half over, the party decided to huddle together in the center of the dungeon for a rest, hoping to have the time to regain some vigor before continuing the search.

Tuesday April 6th 5656 4:00pm – 10:00pm

Unfortunately, some more Kobold entered the dungeon while they slept, though they were able to quickly vanquish the foes, the interuption did no good for them, and they decided to rest for a while longer, not knowing what dangers could lay ahead.

Wednesday April 7th 5656 10:00pm – 6:00am

Time being lost on them, the well rested party continued their adventure. Pushing the centerpiece to the 5 o’clock position, the adventurers found another stairwell leading down, they made their way quietly through, finding a treasure chest at the bottom with a pair of Gloves of Piercing inside, taken by Natsu. Above them in the dim light, the party could hear a number of Kobold going about their business, quietly, the party made their way out of the chamber.

Getting the hang of the dungeon doors, Natsu moved the apparatus to the 4 o’clock position. Moving into that room the ITC found the Kobold they had just heard from below. The menacing bunch made their move quickly, Zaila running out front, only to find herself bombarded with an acidic attack from a few magical lizard-men. These acid creatures continued to make a mess of the party, while they tried what they could with their ranged weapons. In a daring leap Zaila grabbed for a rope above the pit ahead of them, only to have it snap in her hands as she fell below. Fortunately for her, this put her in a prime position to use her grappling hook and drag the acid tossers down with her. Bricriu quickly joined her when he too reached for a trick rope. From there the party was able to gain vantage on the Kobold and after a fierce battle, they destroyed the creatures.

Climbing up from below, the two who fell joined the party above and made their way into the next room, still on the hunt for the other yellow gemstone. As they opened the door, the chill air pushed them back, and the sounds of sloshing water filled their ears. Bael poked his head from around the bend to see some outcroppings among a room of water. Kobold standing about, and in the corner of the room the second yellow gem they had been searching for. The party took the time to organize, most of the party running forward to take on the Kobold guard, while Bricriu ran for hopped his way to the crystal. With a chance, Natsu leaped yo the first outcropping and slipped into the icy water. Like a punch to the stomach, the water knocked the wind from him. That was the least of his worries however, for a scaly log slid against his leg and out came a large blue crocodile, taking a warning bite at Natsu. Thinking quickly, the warlock teleported himself to the nearest outcropping while the rest of the party jumped to his side.

This ruckus caught the attention of the Kobold and they made their way over to the party. Unfortunately as we have learned, the Kobold are a clumsy people, and they fell, or were pushed into the water as they made their way, two being torn to bits by the crocs below, one being denyed entry to land by Bael’s arrows, and another not making it far as Zaila laid him to waste.

As quick and nimble as he is, Bricriu obtained the yellow gemstone and returned to the rest of his party as they attempted to make their way across the gaps without falling in. Still wet, Natsu had trouble, and splashed again, only to be grabbed by a croc, his body crushing under the pressure. Another surfaced. With a shout, Bricriu had Zaila kick the body of a fallen Kobold into the drink causing the second crocodile to go for it, while Bael sunk an arrow into the other having it release his comrade. Natsu was able to climb out, hurt but alive. They cautiously made their way through the room, opening the door on the other side.

Heaving and mostly wet, the Interslice Transport Company found themselves in a small hallway, a door in the middle, and another around a bend leading further down the middle door seemed rather flimsy. Without thought, their newest member Baern smashed the door, only to have it explode in his face, causing damage to all but Natsu who was far enough from the blast. The devastating bomb was not completely fruitless however, as behind the door was another chest, inside a piece of Hide Darkleaf Armor given to Zaila. With her new protection, and their wits, the party continued on open the door at the bottom the stairs.

Met with more water, the ITC foudn themselves nearly face to face with more Kobold, not just ahead of them in the knee deep liquid, but above as Kobold readied arrows to rain on them. Hurt, cold and wet, is our party prepared for more battle, and what awaits them if they are to put the other eye into the head of the giant Kobold?

The Journey North

Thursday March 4th 5656 8:00pm – 9:00pm

Moving quickly, the party pushed the statue back into place as Pipp made his way from his watching spot in the Acorn Bar. He confronted them as they made their return to the bar, demanding they not do any investigating into Warrens death without him. He then stormed upstairs while the party ate and devised a plan to get Pipp off their tracks. Uninterested, Yish made her way to bed upstairs. A short time later, Bael heard a muffled gurgle form above, and rushed up to find Pipp standing over Yish, a dagger in her chest. Following quickly, the others rushed up the stairs to see their Paladin heaving, and the distrusted Elf ready for an attack. Frantic, Pipp screamed at the adventurers, searching for the crystal shard. Assuming it was held by Yish, he let his plans slip to the heroes. He was hired to follow Yish by a band of Elves who had previously dropped her off in LeFalls. Without the shard, he was as good as dead. Not liking him much anyway, our adventurers gave it to Pipp the hard way and killed him where he stood. Bribing Hami to cover up their mess, and wishing the dying Yish well, the party of four set off North.

Sunday March 7th 5656 12:00pm – 1:00pm

Three days into their journey north, the party found themselves coming upon a farm. Zaila recognized it as her home, the Swiftlove Farm that once belonged to her parents, now run by her aunt uncle and cousins. Excited to be be home, and to see her horses, Zaila and the adventurers rode up happily, hoping for good meals and company. However, all was not right, for a few days ago as Zaila left, the farm was busy and growing. Today, it looked as if the farm had been abandoned for years. Crops dead, and buildings dilapidated the party cautiously searched. Coming upon the stables, Zaila found her favorite horse, Sprinkles malnourished and heaving on the ground. With tears in her eyes, she took out her Battleaxe of Terror and ended her pets pain.

Continuing the search, they came upon the family home, a strange mark burned into the door. With pain in his eyes and his arm, Natsu recognized the mark almost immediately. Burned onto his body, the very mark exists. A powerful Dragonborn necromancer killed his former master, for some reason, leaving Natsu alive. He warned the others to be weary of the mark, nothing but death and the most powerful magic exists around it. Cautiously, the party entered the home to find Zaila’s family completely drained of life. Bael recognized two other bodies, the men that escaped from the bar when the Heroes first met. It seems as if this was their next destination. With Zaila being the only surviving member of her family, she inherited her farm, renaming it Sprinkles Farm after her beloved horse. After burning the bodies and some light cleanup, the party spent the night at Zaila’s new home, and moved on in the morning.

Sunday March 21st 5656 2:00pm – 6:00pm

After a long but uneventful journey, the party arrived outside the gates of the capitol of Salish; the Dwarven city Argan. Usually only visited by Dwarves and Halflings, the city guards were a bit suspicious of the travelers. After a search, they were permitted to enter the grand city. Quickly they realized the city was not welcoming to outsiders, as they searched for information on the Stone Mountains and a place to find warmer clothes. They stumbled upon a fine gems shop, The Jesters Gems. There they met a friendly enough Dwarf, Dwali. AFter telling the venturers to head east Buhl, the city by the mountains, Natsu inquired about what magical stones he may have for sale. Argan, a city run by Dwarves and like most Dwarves, not caring for magic, let him know he does, but they were all out of his price range save a few not so interesting gems.

After visiting a busy tavern, The Silver Chalice, and continuing to stick out like a sore thumb in this unwelcoming city, the heroes split up looking for a place to stay. Natsu wandered the city, while Zaila and Bricriu found luck in a dingy Halfing run shack, The Boars House. Bael had an encounter with a snooty desk clerk at the Toad and Bard, hotel that was willing to let him stay the night, until they found out a Tiefling was a member of his troupe. Appalled at the blatant speciesism, he made his way to The Boars House and came up with a plan for he, Bricriu and Natsu to take a late night visit to the Toad and Bard and cause some mischief.

Monday March 22nd 5656 2:30am – 8:00am

Early that morning three of the party set out while Zaila got her full nights rest. Just outside the doors of The Boars House, Natsu was stopped by the Argan guard and told to return. Bael made it about halfway there before being stopped by a guard, being ignorant to the city laws, he was deemed froo to return to his hotel. Bricriu, used to hiding in shadow, made it unseen to the Toad and Bard. After some reconnaissance he smashed a few windows and slunk into the night, back in bed before guard could make it to the scene of the crime.

Later in the morning, the voyagers left for the east, Bael stopping back at The Jesters Gems to sell his jade stone, bartering for enough gold to help them on their long journey.

Wednesday March 24th 5656 10:00am – 10:30am

Just as they exited the Sheale Forest, our Heroes were ambushed by three Halfling Bandits. Ready to steal their goods and leave them dead, the Halflings made their strike, only to be cut down like the fools they were, leaving the adventurers with the spoils of the thieves.

Thursday April 1st 5656 10:00am – 10:30am

The party made their way to Buhl unharmed. Finding the market square easily, they purchased goods for their journey to the mountains. With a cover story of them being member of a transport company looking for more information before heading up blindly into the peaks, they made their way into the Hell Hound Inn. There they found Yoong the bartender who told them of the dangerous Kobold who roam the Stone Mountains on the Lakota side of the range. They were also given the name of the largest mining company in Buhl, the Argan Mining Company owned by the city of Argan. There they could get sponsored for their journey west. With thanks for the information, the party ate and spent the night at the inn.

Friday April 2nd 5656 7:00am – 9:00am

After sleeping in a comfortable bed for what could be a long time, the adventurers found their way to the largest section of this working city, the Argan Mining Company. There, they found a small office, inside a larger cigar chomping Dwarf working the early morning away. With a last stab at any more information they could get about the mountains, they told the Dwarf they were looking to make a new trade route through the mountains. After some negotiations, the Dwarf was intrigued and agreed to give the party a percentage of the fees collected that would move through the new mountain route. Their checks would be made payable to the adventurers new namesake, the Interslice Transport Company. Excited with their new venture, the party moved west through the Stone Mountains.

Tuesday April 6th 5656 4:00am – 11:00am

Moving cairn by cairn, the ITC slowly made their way their newly created mountains pass. During Bael’s watch he heard a sound of snarling and snapping twigs in the distance. Quickly waking his team, he and Bricriu stealthily followed the noise, to find some ragged looking Kobold. With their own keen senses, the Kobold spotted the Tiefling and bolted up the mountain. After gathering the rest of the team, Bael and the rest of the ITC pursued the giant lizards, following their tracks for hours, until they came upon a dimly lit cavern entrance. Four snarling Kobold leapt from the darkness. With two quick draws of his bow, Bael took out half of the Kobold threat, while seeming to move as fast as the Elf’s arrows, Zaila moved to the feet of the remaining beasts and sliced them in two. With the immediate threat gone, our heroes made their way into the cavern ready for more action.

Cold and empty, the party found themselves in a giant room, staring down at them the giant grinning skull of a Kobold, the pits of it’s eyes welcoming them into the cavern. What secrets could it hold?

The Misleading Clues

Thursday March 4th 5656 10:00am – 8:00pm

Battered but ready for a further brawl, our heroes stood watch while a wizardly Goblin begin to conjure a spell looking most foul, and more Goblins pour into the room. Suddenly, A voice thunders from behind their foes, freezing them in their tracks. An old man shuffles past them, facing our heroes. Unsure as to why they were in his underground lair, he invites them into a small library, sending the Goblin off. This character is in fact, Rand The old man the party had been searching for. Cautious but curious, our heroes followed.

Ready to answer all their questions, Rand explained to the heroes that he has been under attack for many months now, often fearing for his life. Though he is a powerful wizard and in command of the Goblin race, he is old, and more and more people seek to harm or rob him, for his map and his crystal shard. He is the owner and creator of the Map of the Shards, a magical map that shows the locations of the The Shards of Ioun, a magical crystal that was once whole. He tells the party of the legend of the crystal, and invites them to take the map, and quest to bring the pieces together, freeing Ioun, the god of man, and granting them one wish, along with the powers, both good and bad, of the shards. His only condition being he be present when the wish is granted.

The party agreed to take on the task, and took the map along with the first shard, The Shard of Sight both being held by Yish, the faithful paladin.

Thinking it wise to suit up for a northward journey, the party took Rand’s secret route back to LeFalls. Upon entering the Acorn Bar and greeting Hami, they learned of a murder and a robbery that took place just hours ago. A merchant and lover of Annan named Warren was found by his best friend, an Elf named Pipp with his throat cut and his goods missing. Curiosity peaked in the party as known to all but Yish, they had come across this very man earlier in their day. While they left him alive and snoring, they did rob him of his goods.

Planning to leave town after a quick meal, a dirtied man entered the bar. Muttering to himself, and ordering a glass of Ale, Yish approached him. She came to find that he is Pipp and had offered the help of her party to retrieve the stolen goods and find the murderer, not knowing that she was in fact accomplice to some of these crimes. Pipp seemed reckless, but somewhat intrigued with Yish and took her up on her offer. He left the bar, the party groaning at the action of their lawful good paladin.

Zaila Bael and Yish left the tavern to explore the rest of town and try to get themselves out of the promise of the paladin. Yish being one to help all in need purchased some feed from Jane the feed merchant. They also interacted with the mayor of LeFalls, Tane. Unlike anything a paladin would ever do, Yish lied to the mayor, explaining she was the sister of the recently deceased. Believing her, as it is almost fact that Paladins never lie, Tane brought her to the storage facility, LeFalls Underground located beneath the small government building. Unfortunately without the key, they could not enter Warrens storage container.

Meanwhile, Bricriu and Natsu held back, as Bricriu was ready to confront Natsu about the key he had found earlier in the day. Together they found that the key did not go to the pilfered package from Warrens cart, and with closer inspection Natsu found that the letters, “L. U.” were printed upon the key.

The adventurers rejoined, aside from Natsu whose reputation with Annan was not in good grace, and found Pipp and Annan consoling each other in the Flirtatious Hen, Annan distraught at the death of her lover, and Pipp seemingly angry and indecisive. Finding it difficult to get out of the paladins promise, Bael and Zaila decided to help Pipp search for the horse like they had once before, hoping to distract Pipp long enough to distance themselves from the crimes, and for Bricriu to feign finding the key in the cart. This would also give Bael a chance to question the fellow elf, for he seemed uite defensive for someone who has just lost a friend.

With two of our party riding with Pipp, Bricriu and Yish made their way back to the {{LeFalls Underground]] and entered Warrens locker. Being quite dark, Yish adorned their newly acquired crystal shard, and with a flood of energy was able to see perfectly in the darkness, along with a flood of godliness flowing through her. She and Bricriu found a letter detailing riches Warren believed to exist under the statue of Oslard the Great, and Warrens belief that Tane was involved in keeping the treasures a secret. This information lead Bricriu to believe their newly found elf and the mayor of this thorp were working together to silence an innocent merchant.

Meanwhile, Zaila and Bael went of to “find the horse.” On their journey, they questioned Pipp though angry and unwieldy, he seemed to be genuinely distraught. With no luck in finding the horse, and with Pipp angry over the questioning of his loyalty to Warren, he left the two to make their own way back to LeFalls.

When Pipp returned he had short words with the remaining party, his eyes constantly scanning over Yish. Noticing, she questioned his stares. Angry and embarrased, Pipp denied any staring and retired to the Acorn Bar where he had taken a room. After some time and nearing dark, Zaila and Bael returned, not positive but still suspecting Pipp of the murder. The party took meal at the bar, and decided to break into the mayors office to find some clue regarding the murder and Tanes involvement.

While the ladies kept guard by the statue of Oslard the Great, the men made their way to the mayors office, peering int he window. Too dark to see, Natsu placed the shard around his neck, feeling a similar surge of power that Yish had, and was able to see all. He teleported into the the room and unlocked the window, allowing his fellow cohorts entrance. In the room, Natsu kept guard while the ranger and rouge searched for clues, finding nothing but Tanes diary, which detailed how proud he is that he is “completing his task,” and that “his forefathers would be proud as well.” Not meaning much to them, the party continued to search, and even in the dark, Baels keen eyes noticed some floor boards under a plant looked to be a hatch. Unsure of what they would find, they slowly moved the heavy potted plant and found a pressure plate far beneath the room. After too much contemplating on what to do next, Natsu took it upon himself to jump into the hole, pressing the plate.

A loud click was heard from behind the paladin and lady ranger. It sounded as if something mechanical had shifted beneath the statue. Zaila stealthily ran to the rest of her party to see what their involvement was. It seems the plate had something to do with the statue, however it needed something heavy to keep it down. With quick thinking and sharp eyes, Zaila spotted a cord of wood and with two quick trips returned with enough to keep the plate lowered. The party quickly put the room back together and made their way to that statue of Oslard the Great.

With heavy shoves, the adventurers pushed against the statue as they once had, only this time it moved with ease. They crept their way below, taking the chance that someone above could see…

Below, they found a small room and a coffin, kept in pristine condition, not a speck of dust found. Inside laid the body of Oslard the Great, on his hands lay a magical knife, whose magic was too great for even Natsu to know. Under the ground they also found a door. Coming this far, the party decided to enter, taking all chances on what could be on the other side: a snore, soft at first, but growing louder with each step the party took. They all made their way silently following the rumbled breath. At the end of the tunnel, they squeaked open a door to find Tane sleeping away in what appeared to be a storage container in the {{LeFalls Underground]]. The party took this opportunity to interrogate the old man, startling him out of his sleep. Terrified, Tane told the adventurers that he had nothing to do with Warrens murder and knew nothing of the treasures Warren believed to be below the statue. In fact, he was a Watcher of Oslard the Great as every man in his family had been before he, existing to kep the tomb of Oslard the Great a sacred and untouched place. With his fear, Natsu was able to convince the old mayor to lend them the newly found dagger, which Tane explained to be Oslard’s Lifedrinker. Tane agreed, with the promise it come back before his death.

Leaving the old man in peace, the party left through the front door of the town hall. Enthralled in finding out what existed beneath the statue, and curious as to who actually did murder Warren, the party almost missed the eyes of Pipp watching them from above the Acorn Bar. Who is this Elf? Can our adventurers solve this crime? And what of their quest to the north?

The Silent Return

Thursday March 4th 5656 9:00am – 10:00am

The party of four continued through the dungeon, ahead of them a long silent hall, carefully they made their way one by one, when Bael noticed a pressure plate on the floor ahead. Cautiously, Bricriu and Zaila jumped the plate to scout the room ahead. There, Bricriu found ten sleeping Goblins, the information was passed to the party and they crept their way back, a plan in mind.

Meawhile, Yish found her way through the dungeon and snuck up behind Bael. Luckily, the ranger is not easily startled. Yish explained that she had doubts about the quest, but in a dream her god, Bahamut came to her and told her the importance of her role with the heroes, and important she is.

WIth a clank of old milk bottles, Zaila caused a racket not far down the hall, waking the sleeping Goblins, who rose startled for battle, one by one they made their way through the tight halls of the dungeon, too light to weigh down the pressure plate spotted by our foes. As quickly as they turned the corner however, they were barraged by steel, flame and arrow, killing them one at a time, the weight on the plate getting heavier by the moment. When the weight became overbearing, the plate pressed into the stone, causing a mess of steel stone and garbage to fall from above, killing more Goblins with their own trap. The party quickly cleared the groggy Goblins.

The room now consisted of the Goblin stink, and 10 empty beds. Among the bodies they were able to find some treasure, along with a simple key to an unknown door. With a keen eye, Bael noticed both an odd looking candlestick and what seemed to be a secret door hidden in the corner of the room. With a twist of the candlestick the door slid open, revealing a small hallway leading to another door. Listening to the door, Bael heard some muffled voices from the other side and the party readied themselves for another battle.

With a quick yank; the tiny Yish pulled on the lever to open their found secret, only to find she was perhaps too small for the task. With help from Zaila, the group slid the door open, surprising a Goblin guard. With quick reflexes, our adventurers weakened their opposition quickly, killing many of them in an instant, taking little damage to themselves. Looting the corpses, our heroes found some more treasures, including a Battleaxe of Terror, it’s properties found through Natsus’ arcane abilities.

With a short rest, the heroes continued, spotting yet another trap before a doorway. Using his skills in thievery, Bricriu disabled the trap, revealing a Potion of Poison. Pocketing the poison he reached for the door finding it locked and with the suggestion from Zaila used the found key to open it with a solid, “click!”

Both Bael and Bricriu put their ears to the door, listening for any danger. Hearing nothing, they opened it to find another mess of Goblins. Two with bows and arrows, two more stong looking fellows, and one who seemed to be some sort of wizard. Thinking quickly, Bricriu tossed his newly found Potion of Poison into the room hearing it shatter in the center of the Goblins as he slammed the door and the party made their way back, hoping to bottleneck the Goblins and take them out one at a time. The idea seemed solid enough, however with the Goblins quick pace, only Bael was able to make it all the way out, the others forced to fight in the halls. Weapons flew as the battle commenced in the tight space, killing many of the small creatures, while one of the stronger and the wizard ran back to the once poisoned room.

The adventurers gave chase hoping to vanquish these last two foes, while unknown to them the room that seemed to hold just a few, was now full of more Goblins and their rat pets. This hoard is thick, do our heroes have the strength to eliminate these hostile foes, and just where is the old man they came searching for?

The Fall and Rise of the Warlock
The story so far...

Wednesday, March 3rd 5656 5:35pm – 8:00pm

The Heroes were given a strong drink from Hamis’ private stock that reinvigorated them after their battle. Both Yish Bricriu were spent from the battle, so took leave in the beds upstairs. The rest of the adventurers decided to explore the rest of the thorp.

There, they found a statue of a Halfling named Oslard Upon closer inspection Bael noticed there was a light breeze coming from underneath the statue, as if there were passage underneath. He, Natsu and Zaila spent some time trying to move the statue to no avail.

They also found a potion shop owned by a Halfling named Annan, she wasn’t of much help, and was offended by Natsus’ rudeness.

They were also able to find a list of merchants headed to the thorp, where Zaila was able to get some information for a personal quest.

Thursday March 4th 5656 5:30am – 9:00am

At dawn the adventurers set out to find Rand, the old man from the bar. Yish was not found in the morning, to no worry by the heroes. They had just met after all, no one was bound to this quest.

About an hour into their journey they came upon a cart where a large oafish human lay drunk and snoring. With no Paladin around to force lawful goodness on the travelers, they rummaged through his things and found a small lock box. Natsu had found the key, but kept that a secret to himself; though Bricriu was keenly aware. The Rangers went off to see if a horse belonged to this drunken merchant, and they found one drinking from a brook, however when Bael attempted to round him up he skittered away, not likely to be seen again.

The heroes continued their journey northward and came upon a small shack by the road. Looking as if no one had visited for some time, Zaila noticed a diary written in a language no one in the party could comprehend, and used her short sword to lift the various rugs, revealing a trapdoor, with a quick unlock, Bricriu opened the door and called sweetly below.

Two voices could be heard, and they scrambled their way up the ladder. The party was ready as two Goblins made their way out of the door! Easily squashing the creatures, the party made their way down the ladder with the aid of a sun rod for extra light.

The heroes found themselves in a tight dungeon, dank and smelling of old air, feces and sour milk. While filing one by one, they found another Goblin with a large rat. With a fear of rats, Natsu ran back to the nearest room. There he found the most glorious chest he had ever seen. While the others handled the foes in the hall, Natsu crept his way to the chest; only to set off a trap causing him to fall 20 feet into a pit.

The others destroyed the enemies in the hall and went to the room with the chest to help their Warlock escape from the pit. While hoisting him up however, Four more Goblins entered the room from another door and came in for the attack. Bael tried to keep them off while the others handled the rope. Once Natsu made his way up, the fight was on. In a blaze of fire Bricriu smoldered a weak Goblin. Natsu seemed to consume ones soul from the air, causing the others to flee, both stopped with the deftness of the Rangers, one with an arrow to his back delivered by Bael, the other being disemboweled from the rear by Zaila.

After the fierce battle, the party opened the chest and Natsu used his Arcane powers to identify the contents. A Potion of Healing; which was split between Natsu and Bricriu, and a Belt of Vigor, now carried by Bael.

The party spent some time checking out the room the Goblins poured in from, it seemed to be some sort of recreational room with a portcullis leading south, and a closed door pointing east. The room was a mess with sour milk and milk bottles strewn about. After identifying the milk as Rats Milk, Natsu put some of it into the now empty vial they found in the chest. Not willing to rest, the party has decided to keep moving, assuming the portcullis to be difficult to open, with all their might Zaila and Bricriu sprung it open, smashing it to bits in progress, the noise of the destruction echoing down the new corridor. Will their disturbance bring more Goblin mayhem?

The Heroes Meet
The story so far...

Wednesday, March 3rd 5656 5:30pm – 5:35pm

Our adventurers all found themselves on a cool evening at the Acorn Bar in the Thorp of LeFalls They spent their evenings going about their own business when an unsightly group of characters entered the bar. The leader of this band made his way to an unnoticed old man, having his evening meal in the corner of the establishment, and threatened his life if he didn’t deliver, “it.”

The old man shook and struggled, fearing for his life, when Bricriu snuck up behind the leader, poking his short sword into his back. Startled and intimidated, the leader began to divulge the reasons for threatening the old man when suddenly a loud noise was heard from across the room. Two of the bandits crumpled to the floor, unconscious. In the confusion, the old man seemingly disappeared in his escape out the back door.

This attack prompted another of the bandits to attack the adventurers, with little success. Four of them were killed in almost an instant, after many struggles and a few fumbles, our adventurers remained mostly unscathed, while five of the barging band lay dead on the blood soaked floor. Two of them managed to escape while the leader yielded himself to the group.

Pleading for his life the bandit leader told the adventurers that he was living in Ono and sent by a note from an unknown sender to retrieve a map from an old man who lives near LeFalls. He was to take the map and head north, from there he would be given further instructions. The party believed the man and spared his life, breaking his leg and making him sell his goods and work for Hami, the bartender.

The party then introduced themselves:

Bael, an Elven ranger
Bricriu, a Tiefling rogue
Natsu, a Half-Elf warlock
Yish, a Halfling paladin
Zaila, a Human ranger

Together, the party has decided to band together, find this old man to learn more about this map. Where will this journey lead them?


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