Heroes of Mericus

The Luck of the Rogue

Tuesday April 7th 5656 6:00am – 8:00am

The Heroes charged their way into the flooded room, Bael taking steady aim at the slinging Kobold above, while Zaila, Bricriu and Baern pushed their way in. Natsu stood behind waiting for his moment to strike with his deadly spells. The distance of the slingers proved to be troublesome however, as they laid blow after blow among the party. The outlook seemed grim as one Kobold fell from above, only to jump from a corner and land a devastating shot into Bricriu’s temple, dropping him to his knees. Luckily, Baern’s hammer was able to vanquish the slimy lizard, and the party was able to maneuver through the cavern, bloodied and bruised.

Making their way to the far end the adventurers found a stairway that moved into the main foyer from where they had originally arrived. Getting to know the dungeon as a second home, they once again moved the switch and broke down a wall, finding a new way into the chamber they just came from, this time from above. There a chest lay, inside a Magic Rod that Natsu quickly adopted as his own.

A last look into rooms once visited brought the heroes to another chest, inside gold and healing potions, necessary for the adventures ahead. After a short rest, they laid the crystal eye they had been trudging along into the giant Kobold skull. The heroes prepared themselves as Bricriu placed the eye, immediately a rumble occurred and the mouth of the great beast opened, dropping a ladder that lead to darkness above. Expecting the large wooden doors ahead of them to open, our puzzled party moved the key to this dungeon straight ahead and with a click and a swing, they opened revealing the acidic stench of the magical Kobold. Waiting for their foes, the ITC and Baern quickly destroyed the gaseous group and opened a chest to reveal a most helpful, but obviously worn and tattered Bag of Holding. With their new gear in tow, the group made their way one by one up the ladder, into the darkness.

One by one they came upon a large room with a boulder up and ahead, a door to their left and an opening to their right. Easily understanding the puzzle to this room, the party knew they needed to move the boulder onto the pressure plate below. Making their way around to the opening on the right, the group stalked upon a resting bunch of Kobold and surprised them with some quick attacks. Unfortunately for Bricriu still weary from the devasting attack not hours before, a few hits from some strong Kobold brought him to the floor. While the rest of the party mopped up the creatures, Baern revived the Tiefling and they went on their way, pushing the boulder to the floor below, springing open the door on the left.

Ready for more action, they made their way down a skinny hallway, ending in a hole that seemed to fall down forever. Trying to gauge it’s actual depth, Bael dropped a sun rod, only to see it extinguish before it hit the floor below. The ever cautious party seemed to be at a stand still, when their newly found Dwarf decided to tie a rope around his waist and have the others lower him in. Foot by foot they let him fall, only for him to seemingly become weightless, pulling back on the rope only caused it to snap. The party was left wondering where their partner was below. Taking now as a time for chances, one by one, with the reluctant Natsu being the last, the Interslice Transport Company jumped into the pit, only to find themselves falling like a feather, landing comfortably on their feet in an icy chamber. There they remet with Baern who quieted them as they heard the muffled chattering and moans of a woman hiding among them in the newly discovered den.

Ready to shine as the Rogue, Bricriu crept around a corner while the others distracted the woman. TO their surprise they found an icy Elven woman in tattered clothes, mumbling nonsense to her self only understood by Bael and Natsu. Once she spotted the party she demanded to know what they wanted, all the while clutching a crystal shard around her neck. She shouted at the party assuming they were there to steal her shard and quickly prepared for an attack, incoherently yelling at the party that they were making a grave mistake.

Summoning her powerful magic, the icy hag teleported to another spot in the room, unknowingly close to the hidden Bricriu. having the upper hand, Bricriu sneaked up to the hag and dealt her a devastating blow, knocking her unconscious almost immediately. Knowing the dangers she could possess, the party quickly pummeled her to a pulp, Bricriu taking her necklace in the process.

Curious as to it’s powers, and feeling the attraction the other crystal shard was having toward the newly found one, Natsu placed it around his neck, and instantly became one with the cold. He seemed to be enchanted by the necklace, and only came to when the others forced his attention. The party decided to separate the crystals, for the safety of them all.

Jumping back up the magic chute from which they came, the party made their way out of the Kobold cavern, noting along the way that the temperature was seeming to warm, and the walls around them were beginning to melt. Shielding their eyes as they stepped out into the morning light after their many day journey inside the mountain the ITC and Baern saw that the world around them was starting to melt. Odd for these mountains at anytime of year. With one last quick look around, Bael noticed that there were footprints, not a few hours old near the entrance of the cave, leading down from whence they came. With the Kobold cavern emptied, will the journey to Lakota be an easy one? What does the diminishing snow mean for this region, and what of the footprints leading back to the west?



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