Here you will find all you need to know, and what you have learned thus far in the land of Mericus.

The Adventure Log recaps the ongoing tale of your group. Your last adventure was The Luck of the Rogue!

The Characters page holds a list of all the characters, both PC and NPC that your adventure group has met.

The Wiki contains all of the information you know about the world.

The Items is a list of important and magical items your group has come across.

How this wiki should be used

This is the history of Mericus, the world you live in. All the information available here now is information assumed known. When creating your characters backgrounds and you need more information on a place that doesn’t exist yet, or doesn’t have enough detailed information, feel free to create it. Edit and add all you like. (including fixing any spelling syntax diction or grammatical errors.)

Heroes of Mericus

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